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Sawmill Services

     Working closely with landowners from start to finish, we strive to produce the highest quality lumber possible from your trees. We can turn your logs into valuable lumber by setting up our portable sawmill on your site or if preferred you can bring the logs to our stationary site.

Portable Sawmilling:
Jake Dean The Custom SawyerLogs 8 -18 feet long and approximately 8" and greater in diameter on the small end make great candidates for sawing on our portable sawmill however this is just a guide line. We can cut other size logs also.

It may take several days to complete your job depending on the number of logs, how well the weather cooperates, what size lumber you are wanting cut or mechanical break downs.

The following suggestions are things that you can do before we arrive on your site to insure the smoothest experience possible.

  • Logs are saw milled best when they are still green, which means within a few weeks of them being felled. Logs can be sawed regardless of the length of time since they were taken down however for the best quality lumber green is preferred.
  • Stack the logs in the same direction, large ends together.
  • Keep the logs clean. Dirt and mud dull a sawmill blade and dirty logs need to be cleaned before they can be sawed.
  • Check for nails and other foreign materials, ( i.e. rocks, fence wire, fence insulators) and if you find some, mark them. If we hit a nail while sawmilling we will have to charge you for the damaged blade.
  • We have to have a little open area to set up my operation. Our sawmill is typically placed beside the logs, the logs are rolled to the mill on one side where they are lifted up onto the bed of the sawmill. The waste product from the log is removes from the sawmill on the tongue end. Boards produced are then removed from the tongue end of the mill to your specifications.

Jake sawing up a Long Long Log!          It will take approx. 3 months for your new lumber to air dry. A simple stacking method is used to promote air around the lumber to help it dry. 1 inch square sticks (called stickers) are carefully placed to space out the lumber. We can cut these for you and place them while stacking your lumber or you can make your own. You'll find that we are most flexible to work with and can do as much or as little as you prefer.

Stationary Sawmilling:
     Using the stationary sawmill on our site, we can cut your logs or mine up to 55 feet in length as this sawmill has extensions added on to it.


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