Working closely with landowners from start to finish, we strive to produce the highest-quality lumber possible from your logs or ours.

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We accept logs 8-55 ft. long and/or approximately 8″ and greater in diameter, on the small end. Logs this size can be excellent candidates for sawing on our sawmills; however, this is a suggestion. We can cut other size logs, as well. It should be noted that there are additional fees for logs shorter than 8 feet. or longer than 16 feet.

The process for turning logs into viable, quality lumber may take several days, from start to finish. This depends on several factors, such as the number of logs, weather conditions, the preferred size of lumber, or potential mechanical breakdowns.

Once the logs have been milled into lumber, it will take approximately 3 months or longer, depending on thickness, to air dry. We utilize a simple stacking method, which promotes airflow through and around the wood, to facilitate the drying process. A 1-inch square stick (called ‘stickers’) is then carefully placed to space out the lumber. You have the option of choosing between ones you have made yourself or we can cut these for you and place them during stacking. We can also provide them for a fee. We are happy to be flexible, listen to your needs, and do as much or as little as you’d prefer. Don’t hesitate to ask.

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It is highly recommended to prepare for your sawmill experience before coming on-site, by completing the following steps in advance:

  • The optimal time to mill logs is when they are still green. This means within a few weeks of them being felled. Logs can be sawed, regardless of the length of time since they were felled; however, if you’re hoping for higher-quality lumber, it is recommended that they come to us still green.

  • Please stack the logs in the same direction with the large ends together.

  • Please keep the logs clean. Dirt and mud will dull a sawmill blade. Dirty logs need to be cleaned before they can be sawed.

  • Please check for nails or other foreign materials, such as rocks, fence wire, fence insulators, etc. If you find anything, please mark them. In the event of a sawblade striking a foreign object, thereby damaging it, you will be charged for the blade.

We can sawmill and process a wide variety of products, which includes lumber, lumber planing, kiln-drying lumber, or resawing. Please see our extensive products page for more information.

We do NOT provide shipping services for any timbers or lumber. We have timbers on site to create our customers lumber or customers can bring their own timbers to be turned into lumber. We do offer loading and unloading services for putting lumber on our customer's trailers.